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This text can be changed within the 'Edit Pages' section of the dashboard.

Header Text and appearance

The header text above can be viewed and changed within the 'Edit Theme' > 'Theme Designer' section. The theme appearance can also be changed within the Theme Designer.

Banner and shop settings

To change the header banner slider (found above), go to 'Modules' > 'Banner Creator' > 'Banner List' will display the header banner. Here you can change the images and text.

Shop Settings

For all of your shop settings go to 'Modules' > 'eCommerce'. Here you can view and edit all of your eCommerce settings such as payment gateway, products, categories and so on.

You can change the products (found underneath the header banner) within the 'ecommerce' > 'Shop Settings' under display settings.


For further support you can get in touch via the dashboard with the online chat.